The Wall

Last Edit: 11/18/2020

Jmo: I'm sorry you have a necrophilia fetish
Jmo: When an iPhone screams DER KRIEG IST VERLOREN 100 iPhones rush to his AIDS ...I mean aid
Jmo: Hang on real quick I'm gonna go get a cheeseburger from my neighbors house
Jmo: i thought i was a girl
Jmo: I sure do love being able to hear oudsns
Jmo: late night rocket league gives me anal fissures
Jmo: I just hipfired a bisexual kitten
Jmo: Vehin does is this destined for the wall
Jmo: Thomas im skiddaddling to a friends house have fun dying
Jmo: the gender neutral term for sugar daddy is glucose guardian
Jmo: i broke a mans ankles in front of everyone. he fell on his ass with a spin move
Jmo: Do you wanna watch a Battle of Stalingrad kills compilation with a with a sad verison of 99 zig Luftballons?
Jmo: ever since i rammed him
Jmo: he used to come up to my nipples
Jmo: there's a child serenading me
Jmo: I don't have sex with women, cause they like dick and that's gay as fuck
Jmo: I was looking at the tip
Jmo: i think its because they make me feel inferior therefore i hate them
Jmo: its a dick. you're gay
Jmo: its well established you hate all music unless its clanging silverware
Jmo: im gonna clap your cheeks
Jmo: Women slip around Keller from how moist he makes them
Jmo: I am wedged in an unfortunate position.
Jmo: hey if we ever meet can you slap me with a bag of milk
Jmo: listen if you're not thinking about the damage your firearm would cause, you're not a responsible gun owner
Jmo: He wants to tie you down and yiff like the closet furry he is
Jmo: I went to the bathroom in the Detroit airport, and uh, words cannot describe the sounds

Zeus: Ghandi should have a move called 'The Nuke" or something along those lines
Zeus: sweden cannot stand in the way of the glorious P A X R OM A N A
Zeus: Toasters-and-droidekas-which-arent-really-toasters Wars
Zeus: human girls fuckin love swans
Zeus: "Vehin has changed their name to Portuguese Neckbrace."
Zeus: seldomstatisticslater
Zeus: I fancy a lie down
Zeus: you never know when your physics problems will have to do with people jumping from buildings
Zeus: Google chrome turned my computer into a chromebook and I had to destroy it
Zeus: Do you ever just have the sudden urge to listen to the Pokemon theme song?
Zeus: Well, if I don't have martial law then my economy gets fucked, and then everyone is fucked
Zeus: Man I can’t wait for dictator jesus to come and purge shit up
Zeus: Deal with rambunctious children easy, with new NUCLEAR SPRAY. No more temper tantrums when they’ve been completely obliterated!
Zeus: why don't you say that to my ant colony you bastard
Zeus: and besides, why would i do that when i could add a normal dick to my asteroid?
Zeus: Ice infuriates me.
Zeus: it's just because the acronym is futa
Zeus: please turn in your existence card later today

Vehin: Especially when they pull those frickin 180 degree turns at maximum velocity in a femtosecond
Vehin: Space Jews just declared war on somebody
Vehin: "I've fallen and I can't get up" - Here let me help you with LASERS
Vehin: Now I'm expecting in my lifetime to see a granny smith apple hydrogen bomb that just decimates the entire world, but plants apple trees everywhere
Vehin: The penalty for looking in the direction of someone who disagrees with you will be death
Vehin: Now suck their planet into a light hole, like in the movie Hot Ball of Gas Adventure.
Vehin: But I think it was so big that some Skype server in Taiwan or something just exploded
Vehin: I'm pretty sure I punched him right in his Bratwurst
Vehin: spit 𝐇𝐎𝐓 fire
Vehin: curses doctor acidic you've made the water supply 6.9
Vehin: That Hetzer is a booty buster
Vehin: How the heck did we get from Ace Attorney to anti-semitism
Vehin: I sneezed and clicked the mouse somewhere in the comments section of a video and next thing I know there was Rick Astley
Vehin: Chevrolet Renault FT SS Supercharged GT Grand Sport Convertible, or CRFTSSSGTGSC
Vehin: I never said anything about having a threesome with Wolf
Vehin: i would fuck everyone here
Vehin: fuck I'm getting stupid tired and there's porn and accustations of gay everywerer
Vehin: oh yeah and I posted the doe with boobles. good times
Vehin: yes we're having intimate cmomeomtns here
Vehin: not here in America you Canadian THOT
Vehin: Alright, enough D. Now let's go get C.
Vehin: There will be no explanation, just love
Vehin: I still see it, it's just black and not as thick
Vehin: you just dump your junk on this poor guy
Vehin: I can't look at that word without seeing "Yiff" in there
Vehin: Yeah I totally wanna do him
Vehin: whats more magical than dying at the hand of an average blonde american dude
Vehin: if aarp doesn't stand for anti aircraft role play when I go over and get a 401k plan from them i will be very disappointed
Vehin: the pikachu just looks so happy as its getting its larynx torn out
Vehin: Give me a red shell, God; and he replied "so it shall be my son"
Vehin: well what the fuck do you want me to do, sit here and have a conversation about whale penises?
Vehin: I will do everything in my power to harm the red cap man.
Vehin: ...I think I got it up?
Vehin: believe it or not I did not actually buy that game because of lizard tits
Vehin: that world is just one big fucked up orgy

Emu: Has Jesus ever spoken to any of you guys?
Emu: Do you guys like carbon fiber?
Emu: Have you guys ever imagined the sound of a crab defending himself? WHAAA
Emu: I am high on lack of sleep and the oreo cookie is it is there any other way around it is the fucking newborns
Emu: Would you by any chance know how to speak Korean?
Emu: i have more honor than you ever will
Emu: Wolf is the key!
Emu: Guys, I'm no fool.

Ryan: I'm afraid, as a precaution, I've already taken the liberty of apprehending the goods from your location
Ryan: Dammit Eric you gave me bronchitis
Ryan: what the girls are really after is guys who can get true jedi on all levels
Ryan: screw breast simulation, I want balls simulation

Loonbell: poetry is love. poetry is life. fucking the life and the love at the same... will be amazing. this is almost poetry
Loonbell: sorry vehin
Loonbell: i dont focus on dick
Loonbell: its just my fast waas to much
Loonbell: why going fast to the battlefield when u can outrun them
Loonbell: u guys are tired of ur daysu guys should go sleeping
Loonbell: i can assure u that im 100% for women
Loonbell: did u get it? the joke. he is in a wheelchair
Loonbell: i thing i know is that vr is not for everyone : some people have some hard time
Loonbell: No! Guys Jesus is dead!
Loonbell: ah ooh i dunno how but I twisted one of my kidneys
Loonbell: get doomed
Loonbell: u know if u eat something but u put to much in ur mouth, and then u cant breath
Loonbell: I like dudes
Loonbell: your excuses are refuses
Loonbell: I was doing some research about loli
Loonbell: basketball is for the people that was in cotton field
Loonbell: is your might overnight hapen yesterday?
Loonbell: I'm overused by my uncle
Loonbell: I know when I'm sick, because the milk tastes bad
Loonbell: commit neck rope
Loonbell: spanish is for poor peaple u dont need that
Loonbell: Please don't come in my back
Loonbell: Ok im cumming, Ggnnneeh huh ah
Loonbell: how can anyone like that white stuff, it's disgusting
Loonbell: i hope ur shit was loooong and hard

Warwolf113™: Hello sexy space husky
Warwolf113™: If you met shrek, and i mean the meme version...
Warwolf113™: My dad needs me in my bed
Warwolf113™: anddddd i think someone gave vehin drugs
Warwolf113™: bitch please ive been stabbed with a knife
Warwolf113™: If it works in space, why not water
Warwolf113™: were you topless or something?
Warwolf113™: oh boy i love a threesome
Warwolf113™: some guy with a bible gun keeps shooting me
Warwolf113™: why am I so itchy? I'm gonna go put on a shirt
Warwolf113™: Really? From behind?
Warwolf113™: I haven't had a joke cum on me like that
Warwolf113™: it weirds movely
Warwolf113™: what is it with josh being so black lately
Warwolf113™: oh hey Emu's getting raped
Warwolf113™: wuh...uh...-DUH
Warwolf113™: Josh, Josh, godammit! Let me ride on you!
Warwolf113™: sorry, i was humping the sheets when it started
Warwolf113™: Vehin, get over here, I could use your big gun
Warwolf113™: Well I didn't see the fucking boobs!
Warwolf113™: GOD I love stabbing people like that
Warwolf113™: Well, I guess I’m sitting on you
Warwolf113™: because i don't like socializing
Warwolf113™: does anyone else hear it like a dong snarling?
Warwolf113™: I can't be a special because everyone else thinks they're special
Warwolf113™: I just got power blasted in the face
Warwolf113™: I continued to fuck people with my trap cards all day, and i enjoyed it every time
Warwolf113™: wanna penetrate people with baguettes?
Warwolf113™: Those guys look like KKK members but black

Bo: im bout to get my ass waxed this shit itches too much
Bo: my dick has never been so flaccid in its life
Bo: Mandarin Sunset won the Cannabis Cup last year

Lite: Fuck you mean? I was in a guild full of women.

Thomas: Hurricane Irma be like UUUUUUUUUH no YOU and then he just dies
Thomas: rejoice for today is the day of holy retribution The Poles will retake europe and make it racially pure once again
Thomas: you are lucky that i am not an omniscient being who is unmerciful or you would have perished long ago

mathewthekid: i think i started a zombie apocolypse useing a satalite and a baby microphone
mathewthekid: gender relativity? keep going i know where you live
mathewthekid: dude, I'm like 2 steps from worshipping him
mathewthekid: I should just become a terrorist
mathewthekid: I don't actually like harems - okay I only like a couple harems
mathewthekid: I remember it being larger
mathewthekid: they were snowboarding on naked men
mathewthekid: I'M WEAVING SOME SILK
mathewthekid: if Subway's a religion then i'm an atheist
mathewthekid: ravioli ravioli dont lewd the dragon loli
mathewthekid: I'm on anime cuddling and wholesome yuri
mathewthekid: Hey, you never heard of anal pregnancy?
mathewthekid: As far as I'm concerned if we can cross breed flowers we can cross breed animals

Magic: where are my fucking carrots
Magic: is going to school with guys gay?
Magic: I will chloroform your mom sleeping, break your fucking legs, shoot every single member of your family in their arms and legs at least twice, get you all in one room, put your mom in a bear trap and detonate the whole fucking house emu

Instead om Nyoom, You Skyoom
NightlySpacely: Lauren, stop caressing me with your toes
NightlySpacely: I HAVE BABIES
NightlySpacely: For every inch the snake grows you add another man
NightlySpacely: let’s see what I can put in my basement
NightlySpacely: I don't think one animal could be my Sona. But I'd have to say it's the same with everyone. Everyone is too complicated to be just one animal
NightlySpacely: they're getting a cat up the ass
NightlySpacely: I gotta get in the car to drink my goddamn milk Eric
NightlySpacely: I feel like the pitch should be "Fuck your inner animal"
NightlySpacely: you wiww onwy gwant me my heawt's desiwe
NightlySpacely: I'd never go down on that asshole
NightlySpacely: I'm on Deviantart for the furries
NightlySpacely: Some people are so good at art it makes my heart go OWO
NightlySpacely: Stapler removelor
NightlySpacely: It sounds like a partial yiff.
NightlySpacely: she could crush my head between her thighs omfg
NightlySpacely: hn i wanna eat SpongeBob
NightlySpacely: eric just really doesn't like blowers
NightlySpacely: you don't have to be gay to appreciate how thicc he is
NightlySpacely: Imagine I was sick and you brought me medicine so I gave you a toaster
NightlySpacely: Did you have an orgasm from how good it was and needed a recovery period?

Shadow: When, where, how hard, aand are nipples involved
Shadow: im the princess now bitch
Shadow: they can't say no if they're dead
Shadow: im going to have my ink on your face, eric
Shadow: leave me alone you jiggly dick fuck

Rusya: okay, I'll go jerk off anatomy and maybe I'll draw something big and valuable

"Loonbell are you a fan of broccoli?"
      "I don't know him."